Range of Services

Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Service

Car Service Salisbury have ARC Authorisation (AU38172) to provide responsible and environmentally safe Car Air Conditioning Service in Salisbury Plain, Including Evacuation & Regas.

Auto Electrical Service

Car Service Salisbury covers a wide range of electrical repairs, including Alternators and Starter Motor replacement, as well as wiring, battery, controls, sound system and other electrically operated and controlled system and device work.

Battery Check & Replacement

Car Service Salisbury will Check the battery’s state of charge. Most batteries have a State of Charge Indicator on top of the battery that will give you an on the spot diagnosis of the battery condition. However, a more reliable way to check is with a voltmeter to determine the stabilised voltage or if the vent caps are removable a hydrometer to determine the specific gravity (SG) of the electrolyte. A charged battery will have a stabilised voltage above 12.5 volts and an SG reading above 1.240 or drop in to Car Service Salisbury and let our trained Technicians do it for you