DPF Cleaning Service for 4WD

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Your wait for the advanced and efficient DPF CLEANING SERVICE for 4WD is here. This much-advanced cleaning process preserves the noble metals of the Diesel Particulate Filter and removes PM10, oil as well as cerium residuals without damaging the filter, isn’t this amazing?

This state-of-the-art technology ensures the recovery of the original efficiency of the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and tests back pressure before as well as after the cleaning cycle.

We are the most popular DPF Cleaning Service workshop in Adelaide to have started the use of this contemporary technology which avoids cutting, oven-backing or welding phases common in other cleaning methods.

Why it is important to clean a Diesel Particulate Filter for 4WD – Learn now!

DPF filter is fitted by law in each and every Diesel vehicle across Australia. The primary function of this is to trap the particles that are caused by the compression-ignition combustion process.

At the same time, it gradually gets clogged with the soot that it traps reducing vehicle performance as well as efficiency. DPF maintenance will allow fleets to not only avoid unplanned and expensive vehicular breakdowns but achieve better fuel efficiency and extend the overall life of vehicles.

With years of professional experience and state-of-art dynamo performance room, we are proud to mention that we are leading the DPF Cleaning Service at Salisbury Plain.